Why Was Sugarhill Keem Arrested? Rapper Mugshots and Charges Explained (2024)


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Sugarhill Keem, a popular drill rapper from Harlen, NY, was arrested after Keem was found showing & singing about the gun in his song.

He was reportedly arrested and kept in jail, according to his twin brother. The exact reason for his arrest has not been revealed yet, but according to his mother’spost, he was inculpable.

The rumor came out that the police were targeting him because of the stuff they rap about in these songs. They automatically put a target on their back.

Quick Facts About Sugarhill Keem

Real NameRakeem McMillian
Age20 (as of 2022)
Birth Year2002
Twin BrotherOY Quan

Why Is Sugarhill Keem In Jail? Arrested Reasons

On May 2022, Sugarhill Keem was arrested and shipped off to Riker’s Island, as per his mother’s post on Facebook.

Fans speculate Keem’s arrest by identifying his shoes in onephoto.

It was uncertain to tell what happened, but it was caught on a video of him being handcuffed, and his brother posted a photo saying, “free him out.”

In thevideo,Blockwork and Sugarhill were interrogated by the police and asked to cooperate.

Blockwork gives his evidence of paperwork to the fans to confirm that he didn’t snitch on Sugarhill Keem.

Why Was Sugarhill Keem Arrested? Rapper Mugshots and Charges Explained (2)

The paperwork consists of the Substance of Statement of a defendant Sugarhill, where he said, ” I Know why you guys are following us. It’s because of my fanny pack here. I don’t have a gun in here.”

The news about his arrest has been flooding the internet nowadays. He got mad because blockwork was ducking and hiding, eventually telling on him.

Sugarhill Keem Age And Real Name

Sugarhill Keem is 20 years old as of 2022.

The drill rapper, whose real name is Rakeem McMillian, was born in Harlem, New York, in 2002.

He was grown and raised on the dangerous streets of Sugar Hill. He was not on music or rapping from childhood but chose his career in his late teens.

Keem started rapping in 2021, and in one year, he established himself as one of the most promising artists in the genre.

Sugarhill Keem Early Life And Career Facts

Sugarhill Keem started his career with his first song, Movelock, in 2021, which made him a prominent rapper these days.

He has a neck tattoo named Movelock which he might have made after his first song became famous.


Dayvon Parker posted astoryfrom his official Instagram handle, which shows the photo of Oy Quan with Sugarhill Keem’s son. He also added “@OyQuan with @MoveeLockJr in the story.

Sugarhill Keem had a secret relationship with his girlfriend and has a lovely son.

Although he started rapping at the tail end of 2021, he somehow produced over a dozen hit tracks.

Despite his lack of good experience in the field, Keem’s almost all hit tracks have views count climb into the seven-digit range.

Keem’s net worth is estimated to be $ 1000,000, according toBio Overview.

Inside Sugarhill Keems Music List and Albums History

Sugarhill Keem has uploaded five songs as of June 2022 on his officialYoutube channel, which include Flock At The Flockas, Can’t Wait, Evil Twins, WTF, and Sexy And I Know It.

He has collabed with his twin brother for his song ‘Evil Twins.’

At his starting career, he met Bronx rapper Sha Ek, who invited him to the studio for the recording.

Edot Baby and Sugarhill Keem had grown up together in the same locality from childhood.

In September 2021, they teamed up for the underground track “Brothers” and released the song. Just after some months, Keem and Sha Ek collab with Edot Baby, which gives Keem’s biggest hit of all time, ” Touch the Ground.”

After the collab, Sugarhill Keen started releasing his solo tracks by working overtime in 2022.

His recent hits involve Can’t wait, WTF, Move Look Pt. 2, and What Ya On.

Sugarhill Keem And His Brother Had Face To Face With The Cops In 2018

In the summer of 2018, Keem and his brother got face-to-face with the police, and they were just 16 years at that time.

Four police officials were investigating the dissension in Keem’s apartment building on Westchester Avenue.

The twin brothers recorded themselves on the video shouting and insulting the police officers. They uploaded the recorded video, which went viral. The two minutes video includes rude language towards the police officials.

On the next day, Keem was arrested at 2:30 in the morning. He gets arrested after being reported for strong armed robbery, which involved the scooter robbery. At some time, police arrested Keem’s brother too.

Some FAQs

Did Sugarhill Keem get shot?

No, Sugarhill Keem did not get shot and is all fine.

When did Sugarhill Keem get locked up?

Sugarhill Keem get locked up on May, 2022.

Why is Sugarhill Keem locked up?

Sugarhill Keem gets in jail for showing and singing about the gun in the song. But actual reason is still unclear.

What is Sugarhill Keem real name?

Sugarhill Keem’s real name is Rakeem McMillan.

When does Sugarhill Keem get out of jail?

There is not actual date of his release from the jail.

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