High Profile launches St. Robert location, interview with C3 COO Samip Shah (2024)

High Profile launches St. Robert location, interview with C3 COO Samip Shah (1)

In May C3 Industries opened the company’s first Missouri dispensaries, High Profile Cannabis Shop, in Columbia and St. Charles. This week High Profile launches its St. Robert location.

Greenway spoke to C3 COO, Samip Shah, about the St. Robert launch and maintaining success in a growing market.

GW: The St. Robert location will be the third of five High Profile Cannabis Shop locations in Missouri, what makes this location unique?

SS: Missouri had a competitive state process and this was one of the 5 locations for which we successfully secured licensing.

The St. Robert location has convenient local and highway access with a decent population base in the immediate area, including the Fort Leonard Wood Military Base.

The High Profile St. Robert location is the only dispensary for a major stretch here of approximately 60 miles – the closest dispensary to the east is in Rolla, Missouri (~28 miles east) and to the west is Lebanon, Missouri (~33 miles west).

GW: You’re hosting a store opening celebration event, can you tell me about the event?

SS: Our store opening celebration events will include visits from key city officials, food trucks, giveaways and special patient promotions.

GW: How has the community reception been in St. Robert?

SS: We are getting a lot of positive feedback from local government constituents, community organizations, and patients. We have had a number of patients stop by the dispensary asking when we will be open – we are excited to finally open our doors and begin serving patients this week.

GW: What can you tell me about your other locations and how High Profile Cannabis Shop is engaged in those communities?

SS: We give back to all communities in which High Profile operates. By contributing to various initiatives like food banks, educations, and social reform, we hope to propel positive change around us. As we build our presence, we look forward to continuing to strengthen and deepen our connections with patients and our roots within each community where we operate.

GW: What is the brand and business identity about for High Profile Cannabis Shop?

High Profile launches St. Robert location, interview with C3 COO Samip Shah (2)

SS: We’re all about bringing the full spectrum of premium cannabis product to our patients and guests. The intersection of deep product knowledge and dedication to patient and guest experience is the driving force behind High Profile shops.

GW: What type of questions and feedback are you receiving from patients in other markets?

SS: Although customers love what we carry, we currently have a relatively limited offering as the product market is limited. C3 Industries’ own supply, Cloud Cover Cannabis, will come online in early 2022 and we are excited to expand the choices patients have within the Missouri market.

GW: Can you give me any information about your store averages, such as daily customer count, average ticket price, frequency?

SS: On average, we are seeing between 100 and 150 patients per day at our other locations, with patients becoming quite loyal to the High Profile patient experience.

GW: Do you expect similar numbers at the St. Robert location?

SS: We expect to see similar, or higher, volume numbers in St. Robert with dispensaries generally being spread out in this part of the state. We are the only location along an approximate 60 mile stretch along Highway 44.

GW: What should I expect as a patient at a High Profile location?

SS: A great experience! As soon as you walk through High Profile doors, you’ll be greeted by friendly faces who have a passion for cannabis. We love finding products our patients love, and our team will work with you to find the best product for every need.

Every budtender and team member goes above and beyond to ensure patients have a positive High Profile experience. Through comprehensive product knowledge and a true understanding of customer needs, our staff provides exemplary industry service served up with great product.

We want patients to come in and experience our stores firsthand. We look forward to continually expanding our product offering within the Missouri market.

Located at 231 Saint Robert Blvd. in St. Robert, High Profile Cannabis Shop will operate daily from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. High Profile Cannabis Shop has two other locations currently open in Columbia and St. Charles, with two more to open later this summer in Sunset Hills and Cape Girardeau, respectively. Additionally, C3 currently operates other High Profile locations in Michigan and Oregon, with additional facilities in Massachusetts to come. C3 also possesses a manufacturing license in Missouri under the brand name Cloud Cover Cannabis.

High Profile launches St. Robert location, interview with C3 COO Samip Shah (3)


High Profile launches St. Robert location, interview with C3 COO Samip Shah (2024)
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