Best Car Insurance in Mississippi for 2024 (2024)

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Mississippi locals know about stunning natural and cultural sites throughout the Magnolia State, like the Vicksburg National Military Park, Sandhill Craine National Refuge, or Elvis’s birthplace in Tupelo. Thankfully, car insurance in Mississippi tends to cost less than in other states, so hitting the road has never been easier.

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  • Key takeaways
  • Best car insurance companies in Mississippi
  • USAA: Most affordable coverage
  • Farm Bureau: Best for ease of use
  • State Farm: Best budget pick
  • Progressive: Best for lowest deductible
  • Nationwide: Best for coverage options
  • Mississippi auto insurance requirements
  • How to choose a car insurance provider in Mississippi
  • How much does car insurance cost in Mississippi?
  • Mississippi car insurance rates by city
  • Methodology
  • FAQs about car insurance costs in Mississippi

Key takeaways

  • The best car insurance in Mississippi is USAA, which costs a yearly average of $840 for comprehensive coverage.
  • Drivers with a clean driving record pay an average of $113 per month for full coverage car insurance in Mississippi.
  • Gulfport drivers pay the most for insurance in Mississippi, a yearly average of $1,868.

Best car insurance companies in Mississippi

The best car insurance in Mississippi is USAA, which earned the highest customer satisfaction rating. It also had the cheapest full and minimum coverage prices, averaging $840 and $286 annually. GEICO was the most expensive option for full coverage insurance, averaging $1,432 per year. Travelers minimum coverage averaged $596 annually, the most expensive in Mississippi.

ProviderJ.D. Power customer satisfaction ratingEstimated annual full coverageEstimated annual minimum liability coverage
Farm Bureau866/1,000$1,392/year$480/year
State Farm847/1,000$1,031/year$425/year

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USAA: Most affordable coverage

USAA is Mississippi’s most affordable coverage and earned 876 out of 1,000 in customer satisfaction, the highest score in the state. It is a great option for people looking for standard policies and discounts. However, it is only available to military members, veterans, pre-commissioned officers, and the spouses and children of current USAA members.


  • USAA offers the lowest cost full and minimum coverage in Mississippi
  • It has multiple discounts, including up to 10% off if you bundle home and auto insurance


  • USAA policies are not available to everyone
  • USAA does not have some specialty coverages, like rideshare or roadside assistance

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Farm Bureau: Best for ease of use

Farm Bureau in Mississippi received the second-highest customer satisfaction score in the state. However, its full and minimum coverage car insurance generally costs more than some carriers, and you may find more policy options with a competitor. Its local agents and adjusters may be easier to work with than more nationally known companies since Farm Bureau agents tend to live in the communities they serve.


  • Farm Bureau earned high customer satisfaction scores in Mississippi
  • It also offers additional coverage, including farm and ranch-specific policies


  • You’ll likely find more specialty coverage options with a competitor
  • Its full and minimum insurance coverage was more expensive than other carriers

Get a quote now | Farm Bureau review

State Farm: Best budget pick

State Farm was Mississippi’s second cheapest option for full and minimum coverage, averaging $1,031 and $425 annually. State Farm offers standard and specialty policies, including rideshare driver coverage, and has multiple discounts. Its policies are available to everyone in the state and had the best pricing for non-military members, but it only earned third place in customer satisfaction.


  • State Farm is the cheapest option available to everyone in Mississippi
  • It has multiple discounts, including one for seniors who complete a defensive driving course


  • State Farm offers online quotes, but you must purchase through an agent
  • It earned third place in customer satisfaction

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Progressive: Best for lowest deductible

If you file many insurance claims, a vanishing deductible may be an excellent way to help you save money. While Progressive had above-average costs on minimum car insurance, its Deductible Savings Bank can help you save up to $100 per year on your deductible for every year you don’t have an accident.


  • Progressive’s full coverage costs less than some competitors
  • It offers multiple discounts, including up to 12% for having more than one auto policy


  • Progressive earned fourth place in customer satisfaction
  • Its minimum coverage averages $530 annually, the second highest in Mississippi

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Nationwide: Best for coverage options

Nationwide has traditional auto coverages like comprehensive and collision, but it also includes extras, like covering up to $1,000 in vet bills if your pet is injured during a car accident. However, Nationwide’s coverage is expensive in Mississippi, costing an average of $1,413 annually for full coverage and $522 for minimum coverage.


  • Nationwide has customizable policy options, including accident forgiveness
  • It offers a SmartMiles program, which helps low-mileage drivers pay less


  • Nationwide earned a lower customer satisfaction score than other carriers in Mississippi
  • Its full coverage insurance is the second most expensive in the state

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Mississippi auto insurance requirements

Mississippi requires that all drivers meet specific insurance requirements to drive legally. Those requirements are:

  • $25,000 per person per accident in bodily liability
  • $50,000 per accident for two or more people in bodily liability
  • $25,000 per accident for property damage liability

Most experts recommend carrying more than the minimum required since repairs or medical bills might exceed the limits.

Car insurance is usually the most cost-effective way to drive legally. However, instead of providing proof of insurance, Mississippi will also accept a bond, cash, or security deposit equal to the minimum amounts above.

How to choose a car insurance provider in Mississippi

As you search for a new car insurance provider, consider the following:

  • Confirm a company can pay claims: Use a website like Standard & Poor’s or AM Best to check the financial security of each insurance company. Before you request a quote, confirm that the company is licensed in Mississippi by checking the Mississippi Insurance Department or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).
  • Get multiple quotes: Compare pricing and coverage options from multiple companies and make sure the quoted policies match your current insurance type and limits. An insurance broker can help you gather quotes from various companies, but be aware of any fees or fine print before using their services.
  • Ask for reviews: Ask friends and family for recommendations. Review websites like the Better Business Bureau to see what problems customers have had using the company and if or how the insurance carrier solves them.

How much does car insurance cost in Mississippi?

The average cost of insurance in Mississippi is $518 per year for minimum coverage. The full coverage average is $1,359, compared to the national average of $1,582.

Gulfport drivers pay an average of $1,868 yearly, the state’s highest, while Meridian residents have the lowest annual average of $1,750.

Mississippi car insurance rates by city

The crime rate where you live can drastically impact your car insurance rates since higher theft and vandalism rates mean more insurance claims. According to the analytics website NeighborhoodScout, Gulfport, which pays the most for car insurance in the state, has one of the highest crime rates in the U.S.

The city earned a 3 out of 100 on the site’s crime index, meaning 97% of neighborhoods in America are safer than Gulfport. NeighborhoodScout estimates a Gulfport resident’s chance of car theft is one in 273.

CityAvg. annual full-coverage premium


Our analysis was conducted using six different auto insurance marketplaces to determine the best auto insurance in each state. The data we analyzed included coverage premiums from up to 10 different insurance providers. We looked at rates by city, driver profile, and credit score, as well as factored in the impact of driving violations. This data is for comparative purposes only. Your actual quote may be different.

FAQs about car insurance costs in Mississippi

What are the minimum car insurance coverage requirements in Mississippi?

The minimum insurance requirements in Mississippi are bodily liability coverage of $25,000 per person per accident and $50,000 per accident for two or more people. Drivers must also have $25,000 per accident in property damage liability.

How much does car insurance cost in Mississippi?

Car insurance costs an average of $1,359 per year for full coverage and $518 for minimum coverage.

Which car insurance companies cover Mississippi?

Most major car insurance companies cover Mississippi, including State Farm, USAA, GEICO, Progressive, Nationwide, and Farm Bureau.

What is the cheapest car insurance company in Mississippi?

The cheapest car insurance company on our Mississippi list is USAA, which costs an average of $840 per year for full coverage and $286 for minimum coverage.

Since USAA policies aren’t available to people outside the military, State Farm is the next cheapest option, costing $1,031 per year for full coverage and $425 for minimum car insurance.

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Best Car Insurance in Mississippi for 2024 (2024)
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